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I have spent the last 2 days just sitting on my couch, doing nothing.

I've done this because my pet rabbit died Monday morning. I've had him for over half my life. He was 12 when he died. He had a stroke a little bit ago, which my parents didn't tell me about, but he lived. Then, about a week ago, my mom had me call & talk to my rabbit on the phone. He licked the phone, because he saw my picture & heard my voice. He even nudged it, hoping I'd pet him. I wish I could have.

Then, on Monday morning, he passed away. My parents think he did it peacefully & in his sleep, on his own terms.

He waited long enough so I could say goodbye. It just proved that he knew me & loved me just as much as I loved him.

The call, was the greatest Christmas gift I have ever gotten. I loved my rabbit. He was there for me when I needed him & he never judged me. Whenever I was sad, he would listen & give me kisses. He was a great rabbit. He was a smart rabbit.

There will never be another rabbit like him. I was lucky to have him as my first pet...

Now I'm going to go back to crying... I started crying when "Let it Grow" from the Lorax started playing on my iPod. I loved that bunny & I always will.
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Oh hi! I'm posting this via my phone! We're currently driving to the Grand Canyon & I can't sleep... Got about a 3 hour drive left & I'm bored. So, I decided to post this. The thing is, the last time I tried to post from my phone, it wouldn't let me. which sucked because it was a long post. eh. Please excuse the mistakes, posting via phone is hard. :/ Not to mention, I keep losing signal... The downfal; of being in the middle of nowhere!

Anyways! Had fun /t the fanfest! got a lot of free stuff & a few pictures.

In other news, I've been abusing my twitter lately & last night I got a little steamed at the news & tweeted about ti. I've been trying not to curse on twitter but yeah... that ended last night.

Um... That's pretty much it... I've been reading random fic from my phone but I can't figure out what pairing(s) I want to read so I just keep jumping around. I'm mostly sticking to the baseball stuff but reading some Leverage & Inception.

In other news, (yes, I know I said that was gonna be it but eh) Chipper is finally getting surgery on his knee. I'm glad! He needed to fix it before he messed it up permanetly. I may not be the biggest Chipper fan but I do know that he's a big part of the Braves team & it would suck to lose him in the long run aka September & the playoffs!

Alright! Gonna try to post this while I have service! Much love guys! Hope everyone is doing okay & I can already tell Imll have a lot to catch up on when I get the chance! :)

Gleeverse Pimping!

Howdy ya'll! I'm just here to tell ya'll about gleeverse

I seriously love this comm & totally suggest it if you wanna make a lot of awesome friends! You can either join Team Teachers, Cherrios, or New Directions (Which is my team!) and then compete in different challenges for points. It's a lot of fun & I find myself looking forward to each challenge! Just make sure you say that mello_bello_91 sent you! :)
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Brain Cells and Free Cell

Title: Brain Cells and Free Cell
Rating: PG (There's one curse word)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt, FInn
Genre: Crack
Warning: Nope!
Spoilers: 2x09, just to be safe!
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Author Notes: This is part of my video game series.
Summary: An old game but a fun one all the same!
Word Count: 410

“Hey Kurt.”

“Hello Finn.”

“Is he still playing Free Cell?”

“Yes. He’s trying to complete the game in under two minutes.”

“How close is he?”

“His best time is a minute and fourteen seconds.”

“How long has he been playing?”

“I lost track after two hours.”

“That’s a really long time.”

“Yes. I’m quite surprised that his brain hasn’t exploded yet.”

“Thanks babe.”

“Ah. I didn’t know you could play and listen.”

“Ya know, you’re not hot when you’re being a smart ass.”


“Shut up.”

“Love you too.”

“Right. So, you any closer to beating two minutes?”

“No. Quickest time is still one fourteen. Not giving up though.”

“Out of all the games to get addicted to, I love how Noah gets addicted to Free Cell.”

“It’s a fun game.”

“Not really.”

“I’m with Finn. It’s a giant headache most of the time.”

“You guys just don’t have the patience or brain power to beat this game.”

“I have better things to do with my time then play pointless card games Noah.”

“Like what?”

“Well, normally I’d be with my boyfriend, but since he’s playing Free Cell, Finn, would you like to go to the mall?”

“Uh. No offense but last time I went to the mall with you, you made me try on like a thousand outfits that weren’t really me.”

“You looked good in them though. Rachel agreed.”

“What? Rachel wasn’t even with us.”

“It’s called a camera phone Finn.”

“Is that why you were taking pictures?”

“Yes. Finn, that’s why I was taking pictures of you.”

“Oh. Doesn’t matter now seeing as I’m not with Rachel anymore.”

“Good point.”


“He seems really happy.”

“Well, he has spent the last two hours playing.”

“So, now is he gonna try to get it in under a minute?”

“Not if I have anything to say about it. Noah?”

“Yeah babe?”

“Stop dancing, please.”

“But I finally beat it in under two minutes!”

“Yes but you can’t really dance.”

“I beg to differ. I am in the Glee club.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can dance. Finn’s in the Glee club and he can’t dance.”

“Hey! When did I get pulled into this?”

“Sorry Finn but admit it, you aren’t the best dancer.”


“See Noah? Now, stop dancing and go to the mall with me.”


“Bye Finn.”

“Yeah, bye dude.”

“Have fun.”

“Dude! How long have we had minesweeper?”

A/N: So, I'm looking for more video games to write about. If you have any games that you're addicted to or think is just a fun game, let me know and I'll check it out! Thanks!
Freddie Freeman


Rating: PG
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt, FInn
Genre: Crack
Warning: Nope!
Spoilers: None!
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Author Notes: I'm addicted to Super Mario for the Wii!
Summary: Kurt's addicted to a video game and then Finn and Puck get addicted too!
Word Count: 816


“Busy, go away.”

“Baby, put the controller down.”

“It’s not a ‘controller’ it’s a Wii mote!”

“Okay, whatever it is just put it down.”

“I can’t.”

“You can.”

“If I put it down, this stupid Bowser is going to kill me.”

“You can pause it.”

“No! I need to beat it.”

“And you can, after you sleep.”

“Don’t need sleep, need to kill Bowser.”

“It isn’t even Bowser. It’s like a baby Bowser.”

“Whatever! I just need to save Peach!”

“You know, she has her own DS game and she was pretty beast in Paper Mario, I don’t know why they keep letting her get captured.”

“I know! Peach could kill Bowser just as easily as Mario.”

“Hey, can I join in?”

“Sure, let me kill the baby Bowser look-a-like.”


“That’s right! It’s my house!”

“You’re really into this game.”

“Shut up and pick up the controller.”

“I thought it was a Wii mote.”

“Just pick it up.”

“Why am I a mushroom?”

“Don’t know. You could always be Luigi.”

“Or I could stick with a mushroom.”

“Grow up.”

“Says the guy who refuses to step away from the video game.”

“It’s a good game.”

“If you say so.”


“Come on!”

“Stop jumping on me! You keep killing me!”

“Then stop getting in my way.”

“What are you guys doing?”

“Kurt’s killing me.”

“I am not! You’re just horrible at this game.”

“Finn, tell Kurt to suck it up and that it’s just a damn game.”

“If it was ‘just a game’ then why do you care that you keep dying.”

“If I was dying on my own, then I wouldn’t care but when my boyfriend keeps killing me, it gets annoying.”

“Right. Mom says it’s time for breakfast.”

“Breakfast? How long has it been the morning?”

“For a few hours. How long have you guys been playing?”

I’ve been playing for a few hours. Kurt’s been playing for at least a day.”

“I have not!”

“Maybe you guys should stop playing.”


“We have to win!”

“Okay. You could pause it and take a break.”

“No we can’t.”

“If we stop we might lose our rhythm.”

“Maybe we should stop Kurt.”

“What! Why?”

“Cause maybe then you’ll stop killing me!”

“I’m not killing you!”


“You keep jumping on me or popping me at the worst times!”

“Maybe I’ll pop you right now!”

“Hey guys.”


“Can I play.”

“Once we pass this level.”

“You mean once you pass the level cause you’ve effectively killed me for good this level.”

“Good, then I might actually be able to win.”

“Is it really that big a deal?”

“Yes. It’s a fun game. Plus, I’m a mushroom. How cool is that?”

“Pretty cool.”

“You can be one too. You’d have to be the yellow one though.”


“Well, Kurt has to be Mario, cause he’s player one. I’m the blue mushroom cause really, who wants to be a yellow one?”


“Okay, Kurt would be but he’s stuck being Mario. So, you can either be Luigi or the yellow mushroom.”

“Dude, I’d rather be Luigi. He’s awesome and so much better than Mario.”

“Don’t disagree.”

“Would you two shut up so we can play?”


“Dude! Stop picking me up!”

“Then stop killing me!”

“I’m not doing it on purpose!”


“DUDE! You just threw me into the lava!”

“It’s payback bitch!”

“Would you two grow up? I’m trying to beat this game here.”

“We know and would you stop trying to run so far ahead!”

“Yeah. I love you but you keep moving the screen and killing us.”

“Then maybe you should move faster!”

“Boys, why are you yelling?”

“Sorry mom but Kurt’s being a jerk and killing us.”

“Hey Mrs. H. It’s not all Kurt’s fault. He’s not the one who threw me in the lava.”

“I only did it because you kept killing me!”

“I wasn’t killing you on purpose though.”

“You kept popping the stupid bubble while I was over a gap!”

“It was the only way I could get to the other side!”

“Yeah, but I died!”

“Suck it up!”

“I’m sorry Carole, do you need something?”

“Yes, thank you Kurt. Dinner is ready and your father and I were wondering if you three would be joining us.”

“I would love to but I need to finish this game.”


“Suck it up Hudson! It was the only way for me to get to the other side.”

“I’m going to kill you Puckerman!”

“I think it’s time you boys stopped playing.”

“Sorry mom can’t. Have to win.”

“Would you two stop trying to kill each other? I just want to win this game!”

“Sorry babe. It’s Finn’s fault.”

“No it’s not!”

“BOYS! Enough! You three are putting down the controllers and joining Burt and I for dinner. NOW!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay mom.”

“K Mrs. H.”
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Hercal Takes Out Madagascar!

Title: Hercal Takes Out Madagascar!
Rating: PG I guess?
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Light Kurt/Puck, mentioned Finn/Rachel and Mike/Tina
Genre: Crack
Warning: Talk of killing the world
Spoilers: None that I can think of...
Disclaimer: Do not own, which is probably a good thing
Author Notes: W-O-W... I haven't written for these guys in awhile. Here's to hoping it's still good! Also, concrit is love! Also, I don't hate Rachel, I was just being silly with the name. Haha! I'm fail!
Summary: Kurt, Finn, Puck, and Mike are playing a video game. The game is Pandemic 2!
Word Count: 584

“Dude, it’s really noticeable.” Puck poked at the screen over Finn’s shoulder. “If you make it too noticeable, the government will make a vaccine more quickly, and if you don’t build up it’s resistance to drugs, you’ll lose.”

“I know Puckerman.” Finn rolled his eyes. “I’ve played this game before.”

Puck ignored him. “Dude, why won’t Madagascar die?”

Finn pushed Puck’s arm away from him. “Dude, I don’t know.”

“You got a problem Hudson?”

“Yeah, I do,” Finn turned his chair so that he was facing Puck, who stood only a few feet away from him. “Back off, it’s my game.”

“You know what Hudson, I was just trying to help.” Puck moved so that he was towering over Finn, who stood up from his chair and was now taller than Puck.

“Guys.” Both Finn and Puck stop glaring at each other to look at Mike and Kurt who are sitting on Kurt’s bed, watching the two taller jocks fight. Mike jumped off the bed and walked over to the computer. “It doesn’t matter cause Madagascar and Greenland survived.”

The two jocks sighed and moved to sit on Kurt’s bed. Finn sighed. “We can’t win!”

“My turn.” The three on the bed watched as Mike started up his game. “I’ve named my disease, Heracl.”

Kurt stifled a laugh. Puck draped his arm over Kurt’s shoulders. “What’s so funny babe?”

Kurt rested his head on Puck’s shoulder. “The name of his disease. If you rearrange the letters of it you get Rachel.”

“Oh. Nice Chang.”

Finn fell back on the bed. “Not cool man. I know she can kinda annoying but that doesn’t mean you have to name a disease after her.”

Mike just smiled as he went back to trying to wipe out the human race.


“YES!” The three boys curled up on the bed jump at the loud noise. “I killed the world!”

Kurt rolled his eyes and rested his head back on Puck’s chest. However, he was quickly pushed away when Puck jumped off the bed to look at the computer screen, whom was followed by Finn. Kurt sighed as he joined the other three by the computer. “I was comfortable Puckerman.”

Puck wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist and pulled him so that his back was against Puck’s chest. “Sorry but I don’t believe Chang.”

“Well, suck it Puckerman!” Mike turned the screen so that it was facing the other three. “I even killed Madagascar.”

Finn nodded and high fived Mike. “Good job man.”

Kurt looked at Finn and smiled. “You know what this means right Finn?” Finn shook his head. “Rachel is going to destroy the world one day.”

Finn groaned. “Kurt.”

The others laughed as Finn traded places with Mike. “Now that this game is done, I think we should try the impossible quiz.”

Mike agreed and pulled a chair up so that he could look over Finn’s shoulder.

“You two do that.” Puck said as he picked Kurt up, and carried him over to the bed, bridal style. “I’m going to do as Mike said and suck it

Kurt laughed as Puck placed him on the bed. “Sounds good to me.”

Finn rubbed his hands against his forehead. “Dude, please not while we’re here.”

Puck looked up from where he was nuzzling Kurt’s neck. “It’s Kurt’s room.”

Mike was the first one out of his chair. “Well, it’s been fun, but I think Tina is free today.”

Finn soon followed. “Yeah, I’m gonna go call Rachel.”

Also, HA! Anyways...
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New Kid

Title: New Kid
Pairing: Pre-Puck/Sam
Rating: PG
Length: 100
Spoilers: S2,E2
Disclaimer: Do not own
Summary: There was something about the new kid...
Author’s Note: Well, I'm attempting to write Puck/Sam because I kinda like this pairing! It's only a drabble though cause I don't think I've gotten Sam's voice down though. I need him to be in more episodes!

There was something about the new kid that just drew Puck in and made it impossible to focus on anything but this new kid. Yeah, the size of his mouth had something to do with it but there was more than just that. The new kid seemed confident when he was around others but alone, when he thought no one was looking, the new kid looked almost scared. It was weird, how often Puck found himself staring at the new kid. He wasn’t even sure why he couldn’t stop staring, though after awhile, he found he didn’t really want to.